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The phlebotomy degree will allow you to become a certified phlebotomy specialist. A phlebotomist is a professional who is able to collect blood samples from patients in various clinical laboratories that can be used in diagnosing and treating certain types of diseases. You will learn the techniques of safely drawing blood from patients, even when there are special circumstances. Keeping yourself safe, and your patients as well, is the first priority of the courses that will lead you down the path to becoming a professional. When you have successfully completed the program you will be eligible to obtain your certificate to practice.

A degree in sonography will allow you to become a certified sonography professional. A sonography machine operator is someone who is knowledgeable, and competent, to run tests and procedures. A sonography machine uses ultrasonic waves to view internal organs. The degree program will teach you how to use the machine to recognize and capture different components of the body. Most commonly used for Obstetric purposes, the sonography machine is used to view so many other vital body systems. Once completing the program you will be eligible for your sonography professional certification to practice in a clinical setting.

Medical Technician
A degree as a medical technician and specialist will provide you with the skills to assist in some of the highest levels of medical procedures. Learning to assist both doctors, and surgeons in some of the most complex settings, you will lean a variety of skills that are needed. Taking courses in all aspects of the medical field including anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, physiology and nuclear medicine to just name a few, will be only part of your training. It is a degree program that will provide either certificates, a diploma or an associate degree, all tailored to fit your interest and career goals.